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Who Inspires You

Do you have someone who inspires you to become the woman you are today?

I believe that a great woman stems from other great women. I've been blessed with many women in my life, who showed, taught and guided me in so many ways to be the woman I am today. That is why I want them to know they were and are an inspiration in my life. Below I will present to you who these women are. 

Who has inspired you? Let the great women in your life know that they are your inspiration.  Please share with us your stories by using the hashtag #dmjsheismyinspiration in social media platforms. We would love to know your stories.


Carmen Luisa Ayala

Abuela / Grandmother

My grandmother, my inspiration... She was the strength and column of my family. She was the role model. A respectful, loving, caring, always with a smile and full of love woman who was always willing to help every person who crossed her path. From her I learned to love God above all things, to be patient, to give without expecting anything in return and be a great woman and mother. Thank you for everything Abuela, I miss you so much! ♡

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