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Jewelry Care

All our pieces are handmade high quality semi fine jewelry. It is water friendly and is good for all skin types and hypoallergenic. We want you to enjoy our jewelry for many many times. In order to ensure a long lasting piece, please follow our recommendations to keep a good care of your jewelry.

Here are some care tips...

Jewelry care pic.jpg
  • Avoid getting your jewelry wet with chemicals and keep it away from moisture. 

  • Remove them before showering, exercising or bedtime.

  • Always apply perfumes, creams, lotions, etc., before wearing your jewelry. Avoid spraying or contact of any chemical directly. Wait until your skin is dry to wear them.

  • Avoid chemicals, saltwater, and pool chlorine. Take the jewelry off before going to swim.

  • Never use tissue or paper towels or your clothes for cleaning your jewelry. These items can scratch the surface causing damages. 

  • To clean your jewelry, put them in water and soap for one (1) minute or less and wipe them with a lint free cloth and store as recommended. 

  • Wipe or rub after every wears. Use a lint free cloth to remove excess of oils. This will keep or restore the its shine. 

  • Avoid humidity. We recommend keep your jewelry in a cool, dry place and keep them inside the bags. Store them separately.

  • Do not go to sleep with your jewelry on to avoid breakage, bends or tangling.

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